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Rally New York Announces New Events and 2012 Calendar
April 20 - 22, 2012: Rally New York USA
June 23, 2012: Summer Rallysprint
August 24 - 25, 2012: Rally Delaware
October 20 -21, 2012: International Rally New York
Rally New York, Ltd. has announced new events and its 2012 Calendar. There are new venues, new partners, added senior staff members and new locations for our 2012 events. A part of this effort is to expand competitor and spectator access to tarmac rallying in the United States.
This is an all new tarmac event in a new location. All new special stages are located in Rock Hill and Thompson, which include a unique 20-mile tarmac stage and a super special stage at Monticello Motor Club. This new event is taking over the established name of Rally New York USA and is located in Rock Hill, NY adjacent to Monticello, NY. The event has full support of local community, it is presented by the Rock Hill Business Association and it is hosted by the Rock Hill Fire Department.
This gravel event is a one-day Regional rally comparable in stage mileage to one day of a two-day National rally. The rally is located on the Ten Mile River Scout Reservation in Narrowsburg, NY.
This is also a new tarmac rally for the first time entirely based in Walton, NY in Delaware County, combining all the roads we have used in Delaware County over the last three years.
Like in 2011 when we added new gravel stages in Thompson, we will continue expanding and adding new gravel stages for 2012. The rally is located in Sullivan County, NY.